This book is a prescription for those of us that are spiritually sick. You can be found – and healed! I finished this read and said, ‘forgiving is living!’ Thank you, Haley – you’re a modern day hope-dealer.
Taft Ayers
Motivational Speaker/WayFM
“I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and even cringed a little. It’s perfect, Haley. It’s perfect imperfection. Thank you for being brave for all of us Christian women that struggle with anxiety!”
Sarah B.

About The Author

Haley Davis Schmidt is a believer, author, teacher, wife and mother. She worked as an editor and writer at the beginning of her career, then followed her heart into the field of educating youth. Today, Haley works in ministry, and her passion is helping others overcome life-changing obstacles. She has been married to the love of her life, Ryan, for 16 years. Together, they enjoy serving at their church, volunteering in their hometown and hanging out with their son.

The Book - "The Faker and the Finder"

In the Faker and the Finder, Haley’s transparency of a “dirty soul” helps the reader become aware of a Divine relief for a heavily wounded spirit. An unveiling of the impact of tragedy and trauma on the mind and body, she takes the hand of the reader and walks them step-by-step through her journey of trying to fake her way back into feeling alive. The Finder’s restoration plan for her existence and eternity revealed a Father who would not surrender control. Haley’s hope and prayer for you in The Faker and the Finder is that your feet will begin to feel back on solid ground, but in a way that you’ve never experienced before. She uses the term “aware” throughout the book to show you how essential it is to healing. Are you ready to give someone else the lead? Are you tired, weary, or are you a poster child for panic? Are you ready to have the threads of your robe restitched? Looking back at the reflection of your story, you might just stand in awe when you realize the great orchestration.

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“I don’t remember asking God if this was His plan, but I remember being so destroyed that even if it was His plan, it didn’t matter.”

“Everything in my life was being measured on the scales of the two loves I had lost: the scale of unexpected tragedy and the scale of abandonment. In the absence of love, misery and self-loathing filled the voids.” 

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